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The 6-Month Ruling

Recently I have started going through all my CPAN modules one-by-one and getting any fixes that are in there out onto CPAN. Some have had bug fixes sitting in the repository for at least 1 year. Because of this, I’m thinking of giving myself a “6-month ruling” where I should probably release a new version […]

Should Perl Modules Default to Non-Blocking?

I have been thinking about possibly changing my modules and for the creation of new modules in the future to be non-blocking (like utilizing AnyEvent or something else generic). Typically these days my main work involves node.js, which emphases non-blocking (i.m.o). Then a post came up recently that made me think about this again (yes, […]

Net-TacacsPlus Perl Distribution

Recently after submitting a few patches to the Net-TacacsPlus Perl distribution, I suggested to the maintainer, Jozef Kutej, that the POE pieces be split out of the distribution into their own distribution. I suggested this because I felt like the POE pieces were not used by enough of the Net-TacacsPlus users (plus in my use […]

CPAN Testers Metabase has a certificate

As an update to my previous post, David Golden has posted an update that the certificate for is now signed by a certificate authority that is included in Mozilla-CA! This means anyone who was using my hypothetical distribution as a work-around in the mean time should not only stop using it, but it will […]

CPAN::Reporter, Transport::Metabase, and libwww-lwp 6

Recently libwww-lwp-6.00 hit the CPAN with one major change in the default operating behavior: connecting using the https protocol would cause the certificate chain from the server to be verified that it was issued by a trusted certificate authority. In my opinion this behavior is a good thing, as this finally brings libwww-lwp in line […]

Net::NSCA::Client Introduction

I have realized that I’ve never announced my Perl module Net::NSCA::Client. This module was created to make it easy for Perl applications to report to a NSCA server. NSCA (which stands for NetSaint Check Acceptor) is not very good at it’s job, but there is no replacement for it that I am aware of (though […]

Strawberry Perl, patch.exe and UAC

I work a lot with Perl 5 under Windows and have loved Strawberry Perl so much. I’ve been using ActiveState’s ActivePerl since 2001 and welcomed the UNIX-like experience Strawberry Perl gave me, especially because it was sometimes very hard to get some modules for ActivePerl. Anyhow, in Windows Vista and up the User Account Control […]

Important Bug Fix in Authen::CAS::External 0.06

Earlier today I released an important bug fix to my distribution Authen-CAS-External (under version 0.06). The bug caused the distribution to fail on CAS deployments where the application was not deployed at the root URL (i.e. worked fine, but did not work at all). The reason was because the LWP::UserAgent handler rules had […]

Big Updates to Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP

I was contacted by Peter van Eijk who was interested in getting performance data support added to Nagios-Plugin-OverHTTP and I quickly moved to add it in. Version 0.14 added performance data support and a major overhaul was made to the class layout. I was inspired by the layout of Plack and thought that it was […]

Experiments with Module::Build

I am using two of my distributions as tests for using Module::Build instead of Module::Install. So far they have only been released as development versions, but I hope to get them out as actual releases. So far I have chosen not to generate any Makefile.PL in the distributions, but I think I will in the […]