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Net::NSCA::Client Introduction

I have realized that I’ve never announced my Perl module Net::NSCA::Client. This module was created to make it easy for Perl applications to report to a NSCA server. NSCA (which stands for NetSaint Check Acceptor) is not very good at it’s job, but there is no replacement for it that I am aware of (though […]

Big Updates to Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP

I was contacted by Peter van Eijk who was interested in getting performance data support added to Nagios-Plugin-OverHTTP and I quickly moved to add it in. Version 0.14 added performance data support and a major overhaul was made to the class layout. I was inspired by the layout of Plack and thought that it was […]

Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP Planned Additions

I usually get e-mails about my Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP asking about little things being added here and there. The last e-mail I got was from Peter van Eijk asking for support for performance data. I looked over the code and realized that it really needs some refactoring before I can easily add support for performance data, and […]

New check_over_http features

Yesterday I finished up some more features to Plugin::Nagios::OverHTTP. Before the only parameter that could be passed was url. Now this parameter can still be passed, but you may also pass other individual parameters, including hostname, path, and ssl. This helps improve the check_over_http utility which would be used in the Nagios checking. Typically the […]