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So what is the business with the following global variable I keep seeing in CPAN modules these days? our $AUTHORITY; So I searched a bit to figure it out, and found it made its way from Perl 6. A description of its use in Perl 6 can be found in Synopsis 11: Modules. Essentially Perl […]


From my earlier post, after talking in #Perl, I have changed the name of the module from Archive::OPC to File::OPC. It is still not on CPAN, as I won’t release it until it can at least read Open Packaging Convention files. The module is being written using Moose.

TortoiseSVN & PuTTY Internal Error

Recently I installed TortoiseSVN on a Windows Vista machine (though from reading different sources on the Internet, it applies to all platforms TortoiseSVN runs on, like Windows XP) and I was presented with the following error message when trying to connect to a repository over SSH (that is, svn+ssh): I was looking around the Internet […]

Open Packaging Convention

I’ve recently been working on reading Open Office XML files using Perl, and I’ve made a lot of progress with the implementation of the Open Packaging Convention specification as a Perl module. I think soon I will be releasing a version of it to CPAN. I am not too sure of what the module should […]