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Strawberry Perl, patch.exe and UAC

I work a lot with Perl 5 under Windows and have loved Strawberry Perl so much. I’ve been using ActiveState’s ActivePerl since 2001 and welcomed the UNIX-like experience Strawberry Perl gave me, especially because it was sometimes very hard to get some modules for ActivePerl. Anyhow, in Windows Vista and up the User Account Control […]

Important Bug Fix in Authen::CAS::External 0.06

Earlier today I released an important bug fix to my distribution Authen-CAS-External (under version 0.06). The bug caused the distribution to fail on CAS deployments where the application was not deployed at the root URL (i.e. worked fine, but did not work at all). The reason was because the LWP::UserAgent handler rules had […]

Big Updates to Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP

I was contacted by Peter van Eijk who was interested in getting performance data support added to Nagios-Plugin-OverHTTP and I quickly moved to add it in. Version 0.14 added performance data support and a major overhaul was made to the class layout. I was inspired by the layout of Plack and thought that it was […]