Important Bug Fix in Authen::CAS::External 0.06

Earlier today I released an important bug fix to my distribution Authen-CAS-External (under version 0.06). The bug caused the distribution to fail on CAS deployments where the application was not deployed at the root URL (i.e. worked fine, but did not work at all). The reason was because the LWP::UserAgent handler rules had m_path_match set to a static qr{\A /login}msx, which clearly would only match pages where login was at the root, which is not always the case. This was fixed by storing the path to login in the variable $cas_path and then changing the path match to qr{\A \Q$cas_path\E}msx. Note the \Q and \E are important so that the regular expression properly treats the path as a static string. The full patch can be seen in commit df8ef3b.

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