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MySQL 5.0 Restore 4.1 Databases on Windows

I just installed MySQL 5.0.27 today. I used to use MySQL 4.1.x, but I decided that I’d move to 5.0.x since it is now the GA release. I had all my previous databases backed up in their binary format, and since I didn’t have MySQL 4.1 installed when I installed 5.0.x, it did not update […]

Update on OpenDNS and USF Mail

I have traced the mail problem down to the USF Mail server itself and whatever policy it has. I enabled SMTP logging in Thunderbird and was able to see the SMTP conversation Thunderbird was having with the server. It turned out that my Thunderbird is giving the USF mail server (and only the USF mail […]

OpenDNS and USF Mail

Recently I started using OpenDNS (a very good service by the way). I have had no problems and the internet is snappier due to less time looking up IP addresses. I have had (and am still having) just one problem: sending mail using my college e-mail address. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for just about all […]


As I was viewing one of the many blogs I read, I noticed a button on the right-hand side about this thing called OpenDNS. OpenDNS? What is that? I clicked the link to find out and found it was a group who sets up public DNS server that people can use. They claim that they […]

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Experience

Yesterday I downloaded the newly released Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, installed it, and then went on to install Windows Vista Home Premium on the virtual machine (and contrary to some beliefs, the license for Home Premium does not say that you cannot install it in a virtual machine, but say that you cannot have it […]

NVIDIA Drivers Woes

Once upon a time NVIDIA was the de facto graphics platform; their Unified Driver Architecture made installing drivers a breeze. Now, their drivers have created many woes for many people, with their drivers not being well written and riddled with bugs. It is so bad that if something is broken, the actual solution is to […]

Netgear WGT624 v3 initial setup

For those of you who happen to acquire a Netgear WGT624 v3 router and use Norton, don’t be surprised if you can’t access your router to configure it. The default settings on the Netgear router have a Trend Micro security feature enabled that will send special packets to the computers on the network. Some programs […]