Use OpenDNS

As I was viewing one of the many blogs I read, I noticed a button on the right-hand side about this thing called OpenDNS. OpenDNS? What is that? I clicked the link to find out and found it was a group who sets up public DNS server that people can use. They claim that they respond much faster than the standard ISP’s DNS servers respond and therefore decrease the loading time of pages (and especially for pages that refer to many different domain names).

I decided to check it out and setup my router to point to the two DNS servers the site gave me. After rebooting the router, I browsed around a bit and the browsing was noticeably faster, namely in the lag time from when I type in an address and when the page begins to render. Another cool feature they offer is typo correcting and phishing protection. This means that they help protect you from phishing sites no matter what program you are using, as they protect you at the DNS level, so the site can never reach you.

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