Net-TacacsPlus Perl Distribution

Recently after submitting a few patches to the Net-TacacsPlus Perl distribution, I suggested to the maintainer, Jozef Kutej, that the POE pieces be split out of the distribution into their own distribution. I suggested this because I felt like the POE pieces were not used by enough of the Net-TacacsPlus users (plus in my use of Net-TacacsPlus I wasn’t using POE, so I felt it was unnecessary to install POE and its requirements).

Anyhow, after splitting the repository into two separate distributions, Jozef uploaded a TRIAL and then granted me co-maintainer status on the Net-TacacsPlus distribution and I uploaded the new distribution, as well as the new POE-Component-Server-TacacsPlus distribution.

Nothing on the CPAN should be affected by this distribution split, but any code on the DarkPAN should be fine as long as the dependencies are marked on the modules they require instead of the base module on the distribution they depend on.


  1. Alexander Hartmaier (abraxxa) says:

    The POE-Component-Server-TacacsPlus-1.11/Changes file still reads:
    Revision history for Perl extension Net::TacacsPlus.
    and doesn’t mention the split.

    Besides from that, awesome work!

    • Ah, yes, it does list the wrong distribution at the top. Thanks for letting me know 🙂 Also it never actually came to me that I should have put the split notice in the Changes files, so I suppose I will have that note in the Changes for the future releases (and thanks for that idea).

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