HP Pavilian tx 1000 woes

So lately when I used my HP Pavilian tx 1000 (the complete part number is GD617AV) it makes me sad because there are two big issues with it:

  1. Seemingly randomly (seems mostly when there is high network usage) the wireless network will no longer function until I reboot the laptop. This issue has persisted through multiple Windows installs and even in Ubuntu.
  2. Sometimes the laptop will just not turn on. When I turn it on, the lights come on and the fan spins up, but then the display will just stay blank forever and there is no hard drive activity. I am not sure what the cause of this is, but I don’t think it is the hard drive, because the only way to get it to start up again is to remove the battery and reinsert the battery.

This just disappoints me and makes me want to try and pawn it off to someone else and get a new laptop. Does anyone else experience the same issues and/or know a fix?

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