New Header in Nagios-Plugin-OverHTTP 0.12

In the newest version of Nagios-Plugin-OverHTTP (0.12) that was just pushed out to the CPAN, support for a new header was introduced, thanks to Alex Wollangk. The header is X-Nagios-Information and is used to contain the message for the plugin check. Why would this be wanted? Well, if added to a page, the page itself can serve a dual purpose: to accessible to a user and be a Nagios check. Also because of this, I have also added the option to customize the HTTP verb to use when making the request (like using the HEAD verb on such a page).

This could be used so that when a HEAD request comes from a specified IP address, the page can do some sort of self-check and output the results in the headers and provide back no body. This would allow for a very wide-range of live checks on a web site, giving up-to-date information regarding areas of the website they you would not notice until a user pointed out to you, allowing it to be fixed before anyone even notices.

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