Authen::CAS::External 0.03

A new version of Authen::CAS::External has now been uploaded to the CPAN. It brings with it a new improvement where it can now authenticate against a CAS server that does not redirect the client back to the service using the Location header field in the HTTP response, but instead uses an anchor link on the page. Even though this is not wanted for programming access, this is valid according to section 2.1.4 of the protocol.

This modification was made and pushed out today because at the university I attend, the University of South Florida, the CAS server on campus has changed to presenting a warning message to a user when they log in if their password is about to expire and they must click on an anchor link at the bottom to continue to the service.

One other improvement made to the distribution is the inclusion of more documentation! This is welcome, as I really hate to come across modules which seem to have just about zero documentation.

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