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New check_over_http features

Yesterday I finished up some more features to Plugin::Nagios::OverHTTP. Before the only parameter that could be passed was url. Now this parameter can still be passed, but you may also pass other individual parameters, including hostname, path, and ssl. This helps improve the check_over_http utility which would be used in the Nagios checking. Typically the […]

First Perl Module on CPAN

Yesterday I published my first full module to CPAN: Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP. The module is based on Moose and includes the Nagios plugin in the distribution in bin/check_over_http. I will be improving this module, but wanted to push it out to CPAN as soon as it was at least usable. The module is avaiable in my Github […]


So what is the business with the following global variable I keep seeing in CPAN modules these days? our $AUTHORITY; So I searched a bit to figure it out, and found it made its way from Perl 6. A description of its use in Perl 6 can be found in Synopsis 11: Modules. Essentially Perl […]


From my earlier post, after talking in #Perl, I have changed the name of the module from Archive::OPC to File::OPC. It is still not on CPAN, as I won’t release it until it can at least read Open Packaging Convention files. The module is being written using Moose.

Open Packaging Convention

I’ve recently been working on reading Open Office XML files using Perl, and I’ve made a lot of progress with the implementation of the Open Packaging Convention specification as a Perl module. I think soon I will be releasing a version of it to CPAN. I am not too sure of what the module should […]