Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP 0.10

Apparently jumped the gun on the release and just added another new feature to Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP and included it in version 0.10. The new feature is actually complementary to the previous new feature. Now if a response is received from the HTTP server that does not indicate the Nagios service status, then not only will it use the default status (which was the previous feature) but it will attempt to make the first line of the message more useful. This idea occurred to me when a service of mine turned to CRITICAL - <HTML> (which is very unhelpful).

If the response is multiple lines and it looks like HTML (like has a HTML, BODY, or HEAD tag), then the script will attempt to find the TITLE tag and put the contents as the first line of the message. If there is no TITLE tag, then it will try looking for a H1 tag.

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